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Newsyletter: From the Pastors

Reminder: Complete your 2020 Census. You can go to if you have not completed the forms mailed to you earlier this year. Every response counts.

Photos: We are looking for photos from Union Church experiences to add to our Sunday worship slide possibilities. Please email to if you are willing to share with our online, Facebook, and YouTube experiences.

Cathy’s sermon this week was titled “No Future without Forgiveness”. Remember that challenge each day. She challenged us to step outside ourselves and give up resentments. In addition, she reminded us that we need to ask Jesus to partner as we forgive others.

You might also be inspired by the Prayer of Confession used in the service:

Lord we come to you confessing our frustrations and confusion. Those of us who are extroverts chafe at the distances we are told to keep. We long to hug our friends and neighbors. Those of us who are free spirits long to fly again and laugh and sing aloud together. Some of us express our righteous fury on Facebook about those who refuse to wear a mask. We fear they keep the virus spreading and thus keep our children from school. We don’t understand their carelessness or stubbornness. Some of us don’t understand our neighbors’ fears or think they are overblown. Lord, help us, for we judge one another harshly and we are losing our capacity to forgive. Without forgiveness there is no future. Turn our hearts to repentance so that our thoughts and actions will follow. Amen.

Rev. Cathy Surgenor

Rev. Peter Surgenor

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