HYBRID WORSHIP: In-Person and Online!

Union Church continues to maintain socially distanced seating to ensure the health and safety of our church family and those worshiping with us. If you are comfortable, please join us! We encourage you to hum along with hymns and songs in worship.

MASKS REQUIRED, regardless of vaccination status.

In deference to those who are immunocompromised and considering the high transmissibility of the Delta variant, we are asking everyone to wear a mask in worship, regardless of vaccination status. The ushers will ask everyone to mask up as they enter. Thank you for your cooperation.

We encourage everyone who cannot attend in-person worship to join the livestream on YouTube! 

COMMUNION: First Sunday of the Month

Pastor John found a safe and convenient way to serve communion. Small, sealed communion cups containing bread on one side and juice in the other, placed in the pews. Each pew also has a bag to discard the cups. We are changing with the times!

FELLOWSHIP HOUR HOSTS NEEDED: Join us for in-person Fellowship after worship. Volunteer hosts are needed to set up and provide goodies! It can be simple with a beverage and a nibble. Host with a friend! Call the office to sign up! (845) 562-0954.


The Pantry will be open this Monday and Wednesday of Thanksgiving week. 108 bags were given out last distributions! 


Debby, Libby, and Kathy completed a grant application from the Rowley Community Funds, for diapers, wipes, and feminine products that are so costly, as well as personal care products and paper goods.


The Good Fellowship Dartball League raised $1,624.65 for our Food Pantry. $938.65 was spent on turkeys and trimmings for our Food Pantry recipients and the remaining $686.00 was given as a monetary donation! This is Jeff’s group that meets at our church. Thank you, thank you!


Tomorrow extras includes five-pound bags of potatoes and boxes of biscotti from the Food Box. There will be assorted items from the league, and of course, Thanksgiving bags. The Clothes Closet will be open and has been replenished with fresh donations of clothing and bedding.


We have a lot for which to be grateful! Thanks, as always, to all of you, our supporters in many ways.

Debby and Kathy




The time of waiting and the time of anticipation starts this week with the Season of Advent, the beginning of a new church year. We are grateful for the Thanksgiving blessings we have received and eagerly wait and watch for the birth of Jesus. Thanks to the Pickard family for lighting the first candle of Advent this Sunday.


Ryan and Hillary Prince and their children will light the candles on December 12 and December 19. The Stelling/Miller familly will not only light candles but will offer a special bell ringing offering for the season!


We are still looking for families to light our Advent candles on December 5 and December 24. Please let the office know if you are interested in sharing in this wonderful opportunity.


And thanks to the Deacons and all their associated volunteers for the wonderful décor in the sanctuary for the Holiday Season. It’s so nice to see the decorations being brought back after such an absence. It’s only a part of our ‘waiting and anticipation’ as we observe a new church year.


And on behalf of my grateful family, may I wish each one of you the most faithful and heartfelt blessing of this Thanksgiving Season to one and all in your family to those who could join you and to those who could not be with you this year.


And to all of those who cannot join with us this Thanksgiving Season, we wish you joy and the hope of sharing that joy with you soon.

John Redman, Pastor


Many of you know that our daughter Clara was in the Peace Corps in Zambia for a few years and then became involved with a Food Security program at Choshen Farm. Recently they had a setback with funding for their Soya growing program which really sounds great. If during this Thanksgiving Holiday you feel compelled to help a good cause please check out the link below and consider sending what you can. Fifty bucks goes a long way there!!! Thanks


From Clara

Greetings all! I hope this finds you well.

As some of you may remember, some time ago we applied for some grant money to expand our Soyabean Dissemination Program to include 200 farmers in our local area this year. The grant was accepted, and we very quickly got all our farmers signed up and ready to plant for this year, only to discover that due to Covid, the organization providing the funds had to pull out. We had another organization tentatively take it on, but we still haven’t received confirmation on whether they are able to help this year or not and time is running very short.


So, we have decided to take on the fundraising ourselves so as to not let down all our farmers and put them on hold for yet another year! Jeremy and I have sourced all the seed and fertilizer materials we need, and a seed company has set them aside for us, ready to transport up to our area and plant in just 7 short weeks (ahhhh)! We already have everyone mobilized- the last remaining thing is just to be able to pay for it all.


We have calculated that for $50, a family can plant 1 lima of soyabeans (about 1/2 acre) and get a return of $350. That is a significant increase in household and farm income for families around here and would really make a big impact on the way people are able to live and eat throughout the year. And for $50 in America, most people would barely cover the cost of planting a garden. Farmers will be able to sell all their harvest right back to Choshen Farm and get paid or be able to convert it into animal feed for our Livestock Cooperative or into cooking oil. We are starting with 200 farmers this year, but you would be indirectly helping thousands of people when you include their family members, the cooperative, and the local market opportunities that start up just by planting this one crop. It’s a big investment for our community.


If you are interested in sponsoring a family to grow soyabeans for this year or want to help in any other way, please take a look at the link! We have been so excited to get this program off the ground and there are a lot of farmers ready to take it on.


If you would like additional information about this program, please let me know! I could go on for pages and pages about the benefits and how this would help our villages, as well as a cost breakdown for those interested.


Thank you again for your continued support for me and for Choshen Farm! I really appreciate your willingness to contribute to what I’ve been working on here.

Best, Clara


The start of the Soyabean Program last year and its successes- this is what you would be letting us expand upon this year!


THE JOSHUA TREE will once again provide our food pantry recipients with personal items that will free up cash for them to buy gifts for their families. There will be 88 ornaments!

5 bottles of Dish Detergent — 14 ornaments 

5 bottles of Liquid Hand  Soap — 14 ornaments 

5 Tubes of Toothpaste — 14 ornaments

4 Bottles of Laundry Detergent — 18 ornaments 

5 Boxes or Bags of Candy — 14 ornaments 

5 Boxes of Cookies — 14 ornaments 


Get ready to grab ornaments next week when we set the tree up!!!!

Chris Neighbors


November 28        Outreach Meeting after Fellowship in the parlor.

December 9          Worship & Music Meeting at 7PM via Zoom

December 12        Deacons meeting at 9:30 AM in the parlor

                                Tower Trio Concert at 2PM, followed by a Carol sing in the garden,  
                                weather permitting.

December 19        Session Meeting after Fellowship in the parlor.

                                 Living Nativity in front of the church at 5 to 6:30PM

December 24        Christmas Eve service with Communion at 5PM

                                 (This will be a brief service.)




Please send in your pledge cards if you have not already done so. The Finance Committee is preparing the budget for next year and relies on that information. The per capita for each member is $38.83.


NEWS AND PRAYER: If you have articles for the Newsletter or prayer requests, please contact Nancy. 


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Inclement Weather

Check—STORMCENTER or listen to radio station 100.7 FM (WHUD)  for weather related cancellations of church services.