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From the Pastors: VOTE

You might have noticed a familiar figure on the cover of the Times Herald Record this morning. We had been standing in line with bunch of other folks under a cold, drizzly sky for almost two hours when the photographer appeared and started taking pictures. I’m not sure why the editors choose that particular one of Peter, maybe it was the bright yellow slicker and the mask with stars, but it captured the mood on line as we waited to vote. Everybody was patient and polite. Some were talkative and some not, but I think we all felt we were taking part in something important – the American right, tradition, and responsibility of voting for the candidates we believe can best lead us. Voting is such a strong part of the Presbyterian way. We believe the Holy Spirit can and does speak to each of us about decisions for the congregation, the presbytery, the synod, and the national denomination. That’s one of the ways we live into the “priesthood of all believers”. We entrust our decisions to the whole body and the representatives chosen by the body. We do the same for our civic governments. If you are a Presbyterian believer, please prayerfully VOTE.

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