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Newsyletter: From the Pastors

From Session: On-site church services are returning on a bi-weekly basis!

Session met on Sunday, Sept. 20, and approved on-site church services beginning Sunday, October 4. On-site services will be held every other week until session feels weekly services can safely resume. Service will be held at 10:30am. All attendees wear masks at all times and abide by social distancing protocols. For safety reasons, Communion will be served virtually at the Zoom service on October 11. On-site services will be recorded and/or live streamed so that congregants not comfortable with on-site service can participate from home.

From the Pastors: Union Presbyterians,

Our watchword for these times comes from an adaptation of the answer Jesus gave when he was challenged to name the greatest commandment. As usual he turned the tables on those who were trying to trick him. His answer that we remember vividly was “love your neighbor as yourself”. In today’s experience these words are powerfully these: “Love your neighbor as yourself. Wear your mask!”

As opportunities open up here in our area, don’t forget to care for yourself and others by being safe. Be courteous, keep a safe distance from others, wear your mask in public, wash your hands, and don’t get lazy.

Cathy received a video clip of her 2-year-old grandson on Sunday. His parents took him apple picking for the first time. Do we wish we could have been with them? Of course, but out of caution we are missing some of these moments – to care for you, to care for him and to care for ourselves. Why is the video clip important? He is struggling to pick his first apple by himself. The apple is close to the ground and he is able to grip it with two hands securely. A tug of war ensued as the attachment to the tree was almost as strong as he was. Ultimately, and the reason for the clip, he pulled the apple off the tree and immediately tumbled over backwards! As only 2-year-olds can, he rolled over and mastered the skill by picking another apple without the tumble!

Keep safe. We look forward to seeing you in a number of ways in the coming days.

Cathy Surgenor

Peter Surgenor

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