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A New Reformation (Outline)

October 27, 2019

A New Reformation (Outline)

Luke 10.1-12, 17

Sandy Larson The Reforma – Jn Knox, etc. Actually: Reformed and always reforming. Creation is not static, but ever changing. Stagnant is lifeless. Change vitalizes.

Genesis – stories of negative consequences for disobeying God – Adam and Eve, fall of the Tower of Babel, Noah and the flood = New Reforma – the HARD way

10 Commandments, laws, and religious rituals – new reformation Year of the Jubilee = new reformation

Prophets – challenge, hope, and reclaim faith in God = new reformation

JC – power and love of God; healings = up-close samples of God’s offer of new life; hope for the poor and outcast: THE great reformation

Jesus sends 70 to spread his message of God’s power and LOVE

Pentecost – consciousness of the Holy Spirit: empowered all who had faith

Early church – intimate caring faith communities, radical social reform: neither Greek nor Jew, male nor female, slave nor free; reaching out to other people beyond their intimate circles – new reformation – persecution

Constantine forced all of Europe to be Xian and Crusades – killed in name of Christ and colonization – conquered lands in the name of Christ – rationalized reforms = abuses

Reformation – rebelled against power abuses of institutional church Luther and Calvin: back to Bible. Calvin: political and social reforms, seminary, education

Since the Reformation: American Revolution – religious freedom – a new reformation Bonhoeffer and the Confessing Church in Germany stood up against Hitler MLK and Civil Rights – New Reformation

Liberation theology started in South America emphasizes social concern for poor and political liberation for oppressed peoples – a new reformation

Process theological movement – God is not static. God responds to changes, much as exemplified in nature – species adapt to changes in environment.

Summary: Reformed and always reforming – History: alt = power abuse. No change = stagnation; embrace change

Pastoral transition – New Reformation Our own lives – change and ongoing spiritual reformation lead to renewed life.

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